Prochains Concerts
Souffle Mandingue
- le 16 mars 2019 - auditorium ENM Montluçon
- le 17 juillet 2019 - Festival Jazz au fil du Cher(03)
Tilo n'Ding- "Mythes in Project"
- le 28 juillet 2019- Jazz in Marciac (32)

- le 09 aout - Le comptoir des Colibris (32)
Silo Dia
- le 15 août (à confirmer)
Spectacle "Le Roi Lion
- le 28 juin 2019, Auditorium CAM Montluçon


news U.E

Drums for Peace (D4P)
- WWB Exchange in Poland - juillet 2018
-WWB2 EXCHANGE in Finland
- octobre 2018
- Sol & Arte in Portugal - juillet 2017
- Cool JAM in Finland - aout 2017

Rencontre annuelle à Porto
du 25 au 28 nov.2016


“New Life to Traditional Stories”- Project"
20-25 juin 2014 project final in Porto
12-16 april 2014 project in Estonia
12-16 march project in Fr - Montluçon
27-29 October 2013 – Half way staff meeting - Copenhagen-Danemark
26/07-04/08/2013 - Nordic Festival - Danemark
23-28/04/2013 à Helsinki Finlande
23-27/03/2013 Codlea Romania







Agence Europe Education Formation“New Life to Traditional Stories”

- Grundtvig Project 2012 -2014





        With 7 european partners - more information about the Grundtvig Partners

       The concrete objective of the proposed partnership will be to facilitate the development of innovative practices in adult education and their transfer, including a participating country, to others.
The objectives are:

  • to facilitate the development of innovative practices in adult education particularly with vulnerable and marginalised adults
  • to use the arts as a tool to promote intercultural understanding and social inclusion
  • to find, in the local communities, a range of traditional stories, facilitating the contact between generations through older people and story tellers.
  • to share and disseminate this work throughout the Drums for Peace network and in the local communities
  • to build capacity for participating organization to develop the work in their own communities.

 Aquiassociation Pourquoi Pas !

  • Our French traditional  storie here pdf