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"To Be more than To Have" could redefine our objectives, the "Present"   Didier Pajot   

One of its aim is to set up plurydisciplinary cultural projects on a local an international level. The core of its artistic skill is mainly focused on african and folk music, with a strong network of artists and teachers working along with many local institutions. As for European projects precisely, we belong since 21 years to the « Arttrain » & « Drums for Peace » networks: in this frame, we’ve been participating to Youth in action and Grundtvig dispositives. Convinced by the social utility of art, we set up social actions using culture as a vector, by the mean of workshops and participative actions. The work of transmission is one of our principal field of action. The aim of our commitment is all about including participative methodologies, involving all kind of people from the community, creating links and collaborations with locals institutions and as well fostering our skills and innovations capacities with our actual and future European partners.

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